Court Guideline Rates

Current Court Guideline rates

Region Grade A Grade B Grade C Grade D
London 1 409 296 226 138
London 2 317 242 196 126
London 3 (229-267) (172-229) 165 121
National 1 217 192 161 118
National 2 201 177 146 111

The court guideline rates for London 3, Grade A and B are presented as ranges following the format of The Guide to the Summary Assessment of Costs. These ranges go some way towards reflecting the wide range of work types transacted in these areas.

The graded categories of fee earners can be defined as follows:

  • Grade A fee earners are Solicitors with over 8 years’ post qualification experience including at least 8 years’ litigation experience.
  • Grade B fee earners are Solicitors and legal executives with over 4 years’ post qualification experience including at least 4 years’ litigation experience.
  • Grade C fee earners are any other Solicitors, legal executives or fee earners with equivalent experience.
  • Grade D fee earners are Trainee Solicitors, paralegals and any other fee earners.